High Limit Disability Insurance


While the Traditional DI insurer will issue a policy in most cases that you submit, Lloyds is a viable option for the ones that won't be considered or just don't fit.


Here are some applications involving Lloyds disability insurance solutions that can also be customized:

Temporary Total Disability


This product is well suited for income replacement for employer groups, corporate executives, key persons, and individuals, (either first dollar or as a top up to disability benefits already in place), employment and performance contracts, or loan protection needs.

Disability benefits are available on a monthly benefit and/or lump sum basis. In most cases both will be combined in a single contract  i.e. a monthly benefit for an initial period, followed by a lump sum.


Definition of Total Disability: Inability, due to injury or sickness, to perform the substantial duties of own occupation. The claimant must be receiving appropriate physician’s care.



Permanent Total Disability 


PTD coverage is most suitable for income replacement (following a TTD benefit), in situations where there are guaranteed contracts, an obligation or any other situation where a lump sum value can be related to a person's ability to perform their occupation such as partnership buyouts, share repurchase agreements, corporate buy/sell agreements, loan protection and key person replacements.

Benefit Amount: Payable in a lump sum in the amount selected.

Definitions of Permanent Total Disability: There is no reasonable expectation of recovery, during the claimant’s lifetime, from the effects of a sickness or injury to the extent that they will be able to resume the substantial duties of their own occupation.


Coverage Options: PTD benefit can be purchased in conjunction with a TTD contract, to be payable after monthly benefits cease, or as a stand-alone benefit. This lump sum can be selected at any level economically justified. 


This document provides only a brief description of the coverage's available and is subject to change without notice.

All the policies contain reductions, limitations, exclusions and termination provisions.