Who and what we can insure


These programs can be customized to fit the specific needs of a particular client or groups that usually can't be addressed in the regular market for advisors, brokers, benefit advisors dealing with high net worth clients including:


Executives , Portfolio Managers & Business Owners

Lawyers and Law Practices

Athletes, Coaches and Sports Agents

Musicians, Entertainers, Models, Comedians and Broadcasters

Physicians, Surgeons, Specialists, Dentists, Chiropractors, and Medical Practices / Groups

Pilots & Air Traffic Controllers

plus other high risk occupations

All areas may have a variety of risk exposures such as being underinsured and that require special and unique solutions. CSU is here to work with you and your client to provide the solutions to cover these specific needs.

High Limit Disability- Temporary Total Disability & Permanent Total Disability*

Solutions for Executives, Doctors, Lawyers, Entertainers, Entrepreneurs, Portfolio Managers

Income Replacement, Key Person, Disability Buy-Out, Business Overhead Expense.

High Limit Personal Accident*

Individual or Group Coverage

Business Insurance Needs,  Travel AD&D, Occupational & Non Occupational Accident, War and Terrorism, Short Term Coverage, use for Life Insurance Medical Declines and Life Policy Exclusions

High Limit Disability Professional Athletes*

Individual or Team Coverage for all Major Sports

Permanent Total Disability, Temporary Total Disability

Pilot Loss of License Insurance*  Individual or Group Coverage

Corporate, Cargo, Commercial, Agricultural, Firefighter, Test Pilots, Air Ambulance, Air Traffic Controllers                                                   

Confidential Contingent Protection* Coming Soon

Insurance for businesses to protect contractual financial obligations such as buy-sell funding or loan collateral for lenders triggered by the death, disappearance or permanent coma of the life insured.

War and Terrorism Risk*

Cover persons or groups in a wide range of industries including energy, mining, IT, engineering, journalism and peacekeeping plus others.

High Limit Disability Guaranteed Standard Issue Group Insurance*Coming Soon

Disability income replacement solutions, generally with significantly higher monthly benefits with fewer insured lives than other GSI providers in the market.

Term Life, Critical Illness and Disability Insurance for Hard to Insure

Term insurance up to 300,000.00 Travel, Hazardous Occupations

Crisis Protect - Political , Natural Disaster Evacuation and Medical Evacuation  

Offering a comprehensive combined Travel and Kidnap Insurance Policy designed for individuals and companies traveling to and from high risk and non-standard counties and locations. Our plans are based on destination, benefit levels and the term of the policy.

* " CSU is an Open Market Correspondent at Lloyd's effecting coverage through certain syndicates at Lloyd's Underwriters".