Applying for Coverage is easy


Here are the simple steps to follow when applying for Lloyd’s Insurance coverage's


Obtaining an Illustration is the first step prior to the application being accepted.


The Appropriate application form is then emailed back to you and completed by the insured and submitted prior to Underwriting being commenced.


Final Submission then includes:

i)   the signed illustration

ii)  a fully completed application, as well as any supplementary applications or questionnaires that were forwarded to you along with the illustration.

iii) the Agents Report is then submitted , a cheque (payable to CSU) can be submitted, but will  not be deposited until the application has been approved.


Note: COD cases are acceptable as well payment by Visa or MasterCard, and this will not delay the effective date of the coverage.


Doing business is as simple as completing our letter of undertaking along with a copy of licenses and proof of E&O.