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At Canadian Specialty Underwriting we design and cater our insurance programs to protect top earners in any field - from highly paid Surgeons, Executives, Entertainers or Professional Athletes, to Employer and Affinity Groups, Associations, Volunteers, and Expatriates.  We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions all on an individual or group basis.


Since 2001, we have worked with insurance and financial advisors, providing insurance solutions for client needs that can't be fully satisfied in the regular market. Many advisors, brokers, planners and agents use our programs to fill their clients financial needs by protecting them from sudden and enormous financial losses due to injury, illness or death.


Our benefits offer higher limits than traditional carriers can provide, and our special risk expertise enables us to provide customized, innovative solutions to even the most hazardous occupations.

We believe that we can meet most of the insurance needs that cannot be offered through traditional markets by offering innovative product design and underwriting approaches with a focus on value based solutions.